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We are delighted to be seeing our students again face to face. During Term 4, students will return to school in a staged approach, with no mingling or on-site activities. In schools like ours where we have been learning from home for extended periods of time, students will return to face-to-face learning with NSW Health-approved COVID-safe settings on school sites in the following order: from 18 October – department preschools, Kindergarten, Year 12 Study Specific Tutorials from 25 October – all remaining year groups. The return to school roadmap is subject to change depending on advice from NSW Health. You can stay up to date with the most recent information on our Advice for family’s page. I hope you are all well as we begin the process of returning to school. This term will see a lot of changes as we transition back to face-to-face learning as the Premier announced in the adjusted return to school plan last week. Below are the key dates and details to help prepare you and your family for the return, including some changes in the staged return to school. We are delighted to be seeing our students again face to face. Students are reminded that full school uniform is required every day. We know it has been a quite a while since students have worn their uniforms, so it’s time to dust them off and put them to good use. When students in Year 7-11 arrive on the October 25th, there will be a designated area for students to access on their arrival. These areas will be very important as they will become their area for the start of each day and break time . This is to ensure there is no mingling across years. When the bell rings for the beginning of Period 1, Years 9 and 10 will go to their normal timetabled period. New timetables can be accessed through Sentral portal. Years 7, 8 and 11 will move to their meeting area maintaining social distancing. At the end of the assembly students will move to their Period 1 class. Time: 8.20-8.45 am Year 7 Area: Quad and COLA Year Meeting Space on 25/10/21: COLA Canteen access: From the Quad Toilet Area: General Toilet block Time: 8.20-8.45 am Year 8 Area: Hockey field and IA area Year meeting space on 25.10.21: Outside Industrial Arts Block near the Hockey field gates Canteen access: From the Quad Toilet Are: General toilet Block Time: 9-9.30am Year 9 Area: Futsal field and Cricket nets behind the Ag plot Access though gates between the toilet blocks Year meeting space on 25.10.21: COLA Canteen Acess: External Ramp to Canteen Toilet Area: General toilet Block Time: 9 - 9.30am Year 10 Area: Volleyball courts and immediate surrounding area Access via the gate to the bus bay near the carpark Year meeting Area: Hall Canteen Access: External ramp to canteen Toilet Area: Senior toilets Time: 8.20 - 8.45am Year 11 Area: Harmony Garden and outside the Hall area Year meeting space on 25.10.21: Hall Canteen access: External roller door near the Retail shop Toilet area: Senior toilets Mask requirements When students and staff return to school the following requirements are in place: masks are required for all staff and students in Year 7 and above indoors and outdoors (unless exercising or eating or participating in sport and PE lessons). Students are to provide their own masks. Masks are mandatory on public transport. This applies to students aged 13 years and over, and staff when travelling to and from school and during any public transport, chartered or private transport services.  School Bus Transport These services return on 18th October 2021. On arrival, students should disembark from the buses and go to their designated playground space. (See chart above). When departing in the afternoon, students should under teacher direction line up along the pathway in the designated bus routes. Students will be called to embark when the bus is ready to take students. This will be a process where entry is orderly and covid safe. Driving your child to school Most students travel by bus. If you are driving your child to school, it might be advisable to have an alternative pick up and drop off site than the school. Last lockdown many parents decided it was a better option to drive their child to and from school, but this led to grid lock of the surrounding streets particularly in the afternoons. So, if you are transporting your child by car can you have an alternative pickup and drop off site. It should be noted that in the turning circle, there is no parking or stopping. It is meant to be a flow through system so that it is safe for all our students. Please remember this area is policed by the Highway Patrol. COVID Safe Practices Many parents are concerned about COVID safe practices at school. I would just like to assure parents that students will not be asked about their vaccination status. Vaccinations are the domain of The NSW Health. Parents and families will make their own decisions about vaccinations. Covid Practices at school include: 1. Year Cohort areas and meetings to avoid mingling across year groups. 2. Mask wearing for teachers and students. 3. Sanitising hands on the way in and on the way out of classrooms. 4. Desks cleaned at the beginning and the conclusion of the lesson. 5. For lessons that require equipment, only equipment that can be cleaned after each individual use will be used. 6. Limited access to the Canteen via Year group lines and monitored access to the Canteen area. Students are encouraged to order lunches prior to the start of the school day- this will assist with a more regulated and quick delivery of lunches. 7. No interschool sports. Year 11 will go home with the appropriate parental permission during sport. School sport will continue in small year groups for Years 7-10, as we did last lock down. 1. Transit areas: Students will be asked to use the closest exit and travel from one space to another by outdoors and upstairs using the outdoor ramps to avoid congestion in corridors. 2. Students should bring their own device to school every day. There will no borrowing of devices during lesson times. 3. There will be no ball games played at break times such as basketball, footy, touch football. 4. Desks to be arranged in single or pairs – there will be no group tables where possible. 5. Students will be reminded to wash their hands often. Sanitisers, soaps, paper towels and other essential items will be readily available 6. Enhanced cleaning will continue at our school site. 7. Students bring their own water bottle to school. There are multiple refilling stations across the school. 8. Ventilation: Fresh air is the best ventilation we can have. Windows and doors will be open in all classrooms. Outdoor learning will take place where possible. HSC Throughout this term in the lead up to the HSC exams, Year 12/HSC students can continue to attend school for revision, learning and wellbeing support and to have access to their teachers in their timetabled lesson time. Until 18 October 2021, Year 12 students and those sitting HSC exams in schools will have access to school sites for up to 3 hours per day, up to 5 days a week. This time can be used for: essential curriculum revision and wellbeing support from appropriate staff participation in scheduled two-hour tutorials face-to-face learning with the class teacher to enable essential course completion and revision participation in organised peer study bubbles by booking with Mr Milne and located in the library. A reminder that a study bubble: is a group of no more than 5 students from within the same daily scheduled groupings or study sessions (contact Mr Milne). must occur in outdoor areas, or well-ventilated indoor open spaces such as school halls or libraries is made up of the same 5 students for the day is not related to the ‘buddy bubble’ for children under 18. Students cannot move between or mingle with other study bubbles during the day. A record of students on site will be kept each day and they are supervised by the School Librarian. A member of the Senior Executive is also onsite for any further supervision requirements. From 18 October, all Year 12 and HSC students will have access to school campuses and their teachers. HSC exams will proceed for all students from 9 November 2021 in a COVID-safe way, in line with NSW Health advice. Students aged 12 years and over eligible for the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines NSW Health are urging all students 12 and over to get vaccinated with the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible before returning to school. There is currently sufficient supply of the Moderna vaccine to community pharmacies and the Pfizer vaccine to General Practitioners. Bookings can be made via the Vaccine Clinic Finder. Depending on location, bookings are available within the next few days. COVID-19 vaccination is the best protection against severe illness and reduces the risk of spreading COVID-19 to others. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 now will help to protect both you, your family and our school community. Wellbeing resources for students and families Please take some time to check out our wellbeing resources for students and families. You’ll find useful tools for mental health and wellbeing. Please do not hesitate to reach out if we can do anything to help you and your children to prepare for the return to face-to-face learning or if you have any concerns about the return to school. Thank you again for your continued support during what has already been a fast-moving school term.

Northmead Creative and Performing Arts 2021 Open Day Presentation

After a successful student only Open Day with over 200 primary school students in attendance, we understand that parents are very interested to know about the vibrant and comprehensive learning enviroment that our dedicated and experienced staff have created here at Northmead Creative and Performing Arts High School.

Mr Mark Milne, one of our Deputy Principals, and who will be the Deputy Principal for Year 7 2022, will guide you through our Digital Open Day presentation as he outlines the excellent academic, sporting and creative opportunities that are on offer to the students of Northmead CAPA High School.

School enrolment

Northmead CAPA High School proudly presents our first virtual Art Gallery Exhibition Tour of our students' Year 12 major works.

Mr Auckett will guide you through each work, giving you some insight into the creative minds of our talented students.

We think you will find the tour stimulating, thought provoking and rewarding.

Thank you to our Year 12 Visual Arts students for sharing not only their creativity but their personal journeys as well.

Duration 7.24mins

Are you passionate about Dance? NCAPAHS Dance