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Drama Audition information


 Drama Auditions will comprise of both a Group Workshop (approx. 1 hr) and Individual auditions.

Parents will not be able to stay with their children during the workshop/solo audition process.

There will be a drop off/pick up  point at the front of the school gate for parents to drop their children in the morning and also to collect them once they have finished their solo audition. 

Solo Auditions will be scheduled and we will endeavour to let you know your child's approximate audition time for collection purposes.

GENERAL CRITERIA that candidates will be assessed on for DRAMA

  • Timing and delivery of lines within the group audition

  • Clarity and quality of the voice, diction, considering the relevant traits of a character

  • Displaying body movement, hand gestures, eye contact

  • Characterisation by showing focus and conviction

  • Demonstrating ability to engage an audience

Advice for DRAMA AUDITION  candidates:

●       Prepare a 2 - 3 minute monologue for the individual live audition.

●       When demonstrating performance skills for a live audition, candidates should consider: timing, voice, movement,characterisation (focus and conviction). It is important to engage the audience.

●       Candidates can perform one of the suggested monologues, or you can source your own, however when choosing your own monologue scripted or devised, your monologue must contain appropriate content.

   ●       Candidates should wear theatre 'blacks', comfortable tshirt and tights / pants and hair up and off their face 

Suggested monologues can be found in the following links: 


During the LIVE INDIVIDUAL audition, students can expect to:

●       Introduce themselves, discuss schools or courses attended, productions they have been involved in, experiences as a performer. Areas of interest as a Drama student including additional skills, dancing, singing, script writing etc.

●       List any relevant details of your performing arts background. (extra curricular groups, shows, theatre groups etc)

●       ​Deliver a chosen monologue either of their own choice or from one of the suggested monologues.

●       Take opportunity to ask questions about the courses, school and performance opportunities

During the LIVE GROUP workshop, students can expect to:

●       Perform from a given script

●       Collaborate with other students in a directed activity

●       Demonstrate improvisation skills

●       Engage in movement activities and show characterisation skills

●       Demonstrate voice skills such as projection and articulation