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Drama Audition information


GENERAL CRITERIA that candidates will be assessed on for DRAMA

Advice for DRAMA AUDITION VIDEO submissions:

  • An Introduction Video is not required for Drama 

  • Prepare a 2 - 3 minute monologue and submit a Video Audition self-tape. 

  • There is no need for theatrical enhancements or fancy editing, just keep the audition video simple by focusing on performance skills (timing, voice and movement) and characterisation (focus and conviction). It is important to engage the audience.

  • It is preferable to perform one of our suggested monologues or you can source your own. 

  •  If choosing your own monologue scripted or devised, your monologue must contain appropriate content.

Suggested monologues can be downloaded below


Please follow this structure for your Drama Video Audition self-tape:

​1. Introduce yourself: state your name, age, schools you have attended, year you are auditioning for (eg. Year 7 2022).

2. List any relevant details of your performing arts background. (extra curricular activities, shows, theatre groups etc)

​3. State the monologue title that you are going to perform ("I am going to")

4. Perform the monologue: perform clearly, with focus and in one take. Check your performance is adequate by playing it back before submitting your application.

5. Answer the following questions in full: 

a) Who is your favourite actor and why? 

b) Why do you want to come to Northmead CAPAHS to study Drama?

6. Name your file before attaching to your application submission e.g John Smith Drama Audition 2021

7. Attach the Audition Video self-tape along with other supporting documentation when submitting your application form.

Watch the following video on how to create a self-tape