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Visual Arts Audition information


GENERAL CRITERIA that candidates will be assessed on for VISUAL ARTS

  • Technical skills 

  • Portfolio quality 

  • Creativity and imagination 

  • Adaptability and knowledge of various Visual Arts genres and styles 

Advice for VISUAL ARTS PORTFOLIO submissions:

  • Prepare a Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint presentation based on your portfolio with at least 10 examples of original artworks. They should have been created within the last 2 years.

  • The presentation should include accompanying written descriptions or annotations about the composition and design process. These descriptions can refer to the general criteria, but should include; a title for the work, the year in which the artwork was created, the materials and techniques that were used in its creation, and approximate size in cm.  You may also choose to include how you were inspired to create the artwork, and whether it was created at home or in a school-based environment.

  • You should include a range of slides in your presentation to show your work in detail. A tip here is to take quality photographs of your artworks. Make sure you have a single, adequate light source. You may crop your photographs to exclude backgrounds, but do not apply filters or effects to otherwise enhance your artworks.

  • Your portfolio should show a range of different artworks. These could be in the form of drawings, paintings, prints, graphics, and sculpture. Your portfolio should display your interest and passion for the Visual Arts, as well as your level of current expertise.

  • In regard to themes, we recommend that you focus on the main genres of Visual Art. These include; portraiture, the figure, landscape, still life, and abstraction. Please avoid submitting artworks based on ‘Anime’. Whilst we appreciate many young students are drawn towards this particular style, it is NOT a feature of the Visual Arts Syllabus. Craft works are also to be avoided.

  •  Please be creative in your presentation and pay attention to detail. Make sure that you have reviewed and edited your slide presentation before it is uploaded.

  • The presentation should be attached to the application submission as a PDF or PPTX file.

  • Name your file before attaching to your application submission  e.g John Smith Visual Arts Audition.

  • Attach the Audition Video self-tape along with other supporting documentation when submitting your application form.

  • Additional to the Portfolio, attach your Introduction Video following these questions.


  1. Introduce yourself. Tell us about your prior experiences as a Visual Arts student.

  2. What are your particular skills and  interests in the Visual Arts? What do you want to learn more about?

  3. What would you consider to be the most challenging aspect of artmaking?

  4. What are you most looking forward to as a student of Northmead CAPA High School?