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Dance Audition information


GENERAL CRITERIA that candidates will be assessed on for DANCE

  • Dance technique 

  • Performance quality 

  • Self discipline and commitment 

  • Adaptability to various tasks 

Advice for DANCE AUDITION VIDEO submissions:

  • Prepare a 2 - 3 minute solo performance in one of the following styles: Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz or Hip Hop.

  • Candidates are required to audition with their strongest style and may mention other styles within your Introduction Video.

  • When filming the performance, ensure the space is suitable for movement in a well lit environment.

  • Audio should be well balanced in volume and be clearly audible.

  • Candidates should be dressed in appropriate attire suitable for the dance style performed (not themed, elaborate costuming not required).

  • Candidates’ full body should be visible within the frame during the video recording.

  • Audition Video performance should be filmed in one take.

  • No jewellery is to be worn, please tie your hair back off the face.

  • Review the video before submitting your application ensuring that it is suitable for audition.

  • Name your file before attaching to your application submission  e.g John Smith Dance Audition 2021

  • Attach the Audition Video self-tape along with other supporting documentation when submitting your application form.


  1. Introduce yourself. Tell us about your experiences as an artist, soloist, or member of an ensemble. (you may also mention other dance styles you currently study)

  2. What are your interests in the creative and performing arts for your chosen area? 

  3. What would you consider to be the most challenging aspect of your chosen CAPA area.


To help you construct your video submission. Please look at the following audition video examples.

Please note that you are strictly not required to copy or replicate any of the choreography within these videos

Contemporary Dance Audition video example

Ballet Dance Audition video example


Jazz Dance Audition video example

Hip Hop Dance Audition video example