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Dance Audition information


Semester 2 Dance auditions will  take place onsite at the school and will comprise of both a Group Workshop and Solo auditions.

Parents will not be able to stay with their children during the workshop/solo audition process.

There will be a drop off/pick up  point at the front of the school gate for parents to drop their children in the morning and also to collect them once they have finished their solo audition. 

Solo Auditions will be scheduled and we will endeavour to let you know your child's approximate audition time for collection purposes.

GENERAL CRITERIA that candidates will be assessed on for DANCE

  • Dance technique 

  • Performance quality 

  • Self discipline and commitment 

  • Adaptability to various tasks 

Advice for DANCE AUDITION Candidates:

Prepare a 2 - 3 minute solo performance in one of the following styles: Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz or Hip Hop.

Candidates are required to audition with their strongest style. 

Candidates should be dressed in appropriate attire suitable for the dance style performed (not themed, elaborate costuming not required).

No jewellery is to be worn, please tie your hair back off the face.

Live Auditions will be scheduled, parents will be emailed an allocated time slot.

During the LIVE INDIVIDUAL Audition, students can expect to:

  • Perform their prepared solo dance routine

  • Take opportunity to ask questions about the courses, school and performance opportunities

During the LIVE GROUP workshop, students can expect to:

  • Partake in a 1.5 hour contemporary dance technique workshop conducted by one of our Dance teachers. 

  • This will entail a warm up, stretch, a range of technique exercises and a short dance combination.

  • Collaborate with other students in a directed or choreography dance activity