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2022 CAPA auditions

Our next round of CAPA auditions will take place from Monday 22nd - Thursday 25th March 2021.

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Auditions are held twice each year for entry into the specialised Creative and Performing Arts classes. Differentiated programs for Years 7 through to 10 are available in the disciplines of dance, drama, music and visual arts. These programs aim to provide as many performance/exhibition opportunities as possible and to foster a culture of high expectations and standards to challenge students. Entry into these courses is through an audition process which attracts students from a diverse and wide range of areas. Students auditioning should be functioning at a high level of achievement in their current school and have significant ability as well as motivation.

Students auditioning should be able to:


Display a skilled level of technique and performance quality. Students will be assessed through a contemporary workshop, with a series of technical exercises and a small sequence of movement to assess performance skill and ability to interpret movement. Students will be required to present a 2-3 minute solo. This can be in their strongest style - Ballet/lyrical/contemporary/jazz - ensuring there is a strong amount of technical elements displayed for the panel to assess coordination, alignment, strength, flexibility and stamina.


Applications will be considered for orchestral, concert and jazz band instrumentation. Candidates are required to perform one musical piece three to four minutes in length on one instrument only. Repertoire should be carefully chosen to demonstrate highly developed technical skills, correct pitch intonation, volume contrasts, and, control of expression. Performance skills should demonstrate confidence, and, an engaging delivery of the repertoire. Choreographed dance and movement is not required.

With the exception of piano, all instrumentation and vocal auditions require accompaniment – backing tracks are acceptable, however, they must not include the part to be performed by the candidate. Recommendations for repertoire include pieces from musical theatre, classical or art music forms. Popular vocal repertoire should be challenging and be chosen for proficiency of singing skills.

Auditions will be 10 – 15 minutes. Candidates are required to bring their own instrumentation already tuned to the audition. A PA system with microphones, instrument cables, guitar and bass amplifiers, piano, electronic piano, drum kit and CD player are provided. Sheet music can be used in the audition, a music stand is also provided. Backing track accompaniment can be on CD, or personal devices including iPods or phones can be used. The track should be of high quality and ready to use for the audition.

Instrumentalists are required to sight read a short melody/and or chord pattern. Vocalists should be able to sing pitched notes given by the auditioning panel that demonstrate accurate intonation, and, a sense of expression. All candidates will discuss their interests and involvement in music and the performing arts with the panel.


  • showcase a high level of performance skills
  • work cooperatively and creatively in a workshop containing drama focus and improvisation tasks
  • perform a monologue in character to a high standard. Suitable scripts can be found on the school website and should be learned in advance
  • students should wear ‘theatre blacks' to the audition with their hair off their face.

Visual arts

  • submit a portfolio that shows artwork from the current year and no more than 12 months prior. Works need to show significant skills in drawing, painting or other 3D forms
  • works should demonstrate a range of media e,g, pencil, charcoal, paint, clay, mixed media. Works may be in photographic form if the actual work is unavailable or too large
  • students will also be doing an observation drawing on the day so should be familiar with spatial arrangement/ size/space and relative proportions in drawing.



Circus at NCAPAHS is offered to students from years 7 – 12. 
Circus encompasses the Circus Arts (aerial, manipulation, hand balance and acrobatics) as well as Performance Elements (clowning and juggling).
  • Students auditioning for Circus should have at least 1 years’ experience on an aerial or ground circus apparatus including acro/gymnastics experience. 
  • Students will be assessed through a workshop, with a series of technical skills exercises and a small sequence of movement to assess their execution and performance skill. 
  • Students should be able to display their coordination, body awareness, strength and flexibility. 
Information regarding applications and auditions will be posted on our website. 
To register your interest or for more information on auditions, please email your contact details to Mrs June Stepic: or contact the school on 02 9630 4116.

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