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CAPA Audition information

Our 1st Round of CAPA Auditions for 2025 are now closed

Please register your interest to audition for our 2025 2nd Round of auditions.

Register your interest to audition here

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for Northmead Creative & Performing Arts High School. Our curriculum teaching programs include: Circus, Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts across year groups 7 - 12 with our auditioned students forming our Gifted or High Potential classes. Additionally, our ensemble groups and companies, support and extend opportunities for students, through a range of performances, interests and skill development. 

CAPA Audition applications are to be submitted with all documentation, portfolio and video submissions online.

Applications without supporting documentation including school reports or previous NAPLAN results will not be considered.

Refer to specific information about Portfolio requirements and workshop and individual auditions in each of the CAPA areas listed below.

Step 1

Supporting documentation for ALL applications to include:

• Two most recent school reports

• Most recent portrait photo of the candidate. A school photo is acceptable

• Two middle pages of the most recent NAPLAN results

• Reference letter from a current tutor or teacher referee if applicable - download copy link

Circus students will need to present a 2 minute performance showcasing an acro/gymnastic floor solo or aerial solo to music

Dance students will need to prepare a 2-3 minute solo performance in one of the following styles: Contemporary, Ballet or Jazz.

Drama students will need to prepare a 2 - 3 minute monologue for the individual live audition.

Music Students need to prepare a performance of 2 - 3 minutes in length approx time recommended. 2 short pieces is acceptable

Visual Arts students will need to put together a portfolio of at least 10 examples of original artworks to bring on the day of audition. They should have been created in the last 2 years. 

Please refer to specific information in the CAPA Audition Requirements and Criteria information sheet below.

Step 2

Download the Tutor Reference below

Step 3

Each CAPA subject area has a $50 application fee. For example, if applying for both Music and Drama, the fee is $100.  Multiple submissions should be submitted at the same time as one application.

Payment can be made online here


 You will be notified via email upon successful receipt of the application, and payment of the audition fee. Please take note of your receipt number as you will need to submit this in the application form.

Step 4

Submit both Introduction and Audition Videos/Portfolio (for Visual Arts only) along with your completed application and supporting documentation.

You will need to sign in to a Google account, either your own or your childs, to access the form and upload your files into the form.

Step 5

For students auditioning for Dance and Music, backing tracks are required. 

For Dance and Circus:

Backing tracks can be on a USB, Phone, IPOD/IPAD or tablet.

For Music:

 ●       Backing tracks should be used where necessary to demonstrate pitch and rhythmic skills.

●       Backing tracks to be bought on either laptop/phone/ipad, USB, and will be played through a sound system

●       Piano candidates auditioning do not require the use of a backing track for accompaniment.

●       Candidates should be dressed in appropriate attire. Current school uniform is acceptable.

●       Please bring your own instrument. Drum kit, piano/keyboard, guitar/bass amplifier will be provided.

Step 6

Candidates who are successful will be notified by email. 

Candidates who are unsuccessful will be notified by email and provided with feedback regarding their performances and applications. 

General selection criteria to attend Northmead Creative and Performing Arts High School 

• Proven involvement/experience and expertise in the creative and/or performing arts

• A strong academic record 

• Positive behaviour and attendance record 

• Proven record of involvement in other extra-curricular activities 

• Successful submission of audition video/portfolio and selection by the panel via interview