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Careers Adviser: Julie Koranyi

MAY 2023


UAC Digital / Let's Chat - Applying to the Schools Recommendation Scheme

17 May

While the ATAR is still the main selection tool used by most universities, there are other ways for you to show that you’re ready to succeed at uni. Many institutions have one or more early offer schemes for Year 12 students. Through these schemes, institutions assess you using criteria other than (or in addition to) your ATAR.

We'll give you an overview of the Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) and discuss:

● how to apply

● whether you're guaranteed early entry if you apply

● other universities' direct early entry schemes

● how many early entry schemes you can apply for.

UAC Digital / Lets Chat - The ATAR and Subject Selection

11 May

In Year 10 you'll choose the HSC courses that you'll study for the next two years. Although there are many pathways to uni or college, choosing the right HSC courses can make it easier to get into university and succeed in your studies. In this session we'll discuss:

● how to choose your HSC courses

● course prerequisites, assumed knowledge and recommended studies

● additional selection criteria

UAC Digital / Let’s Chat – Medicine Students, Why I chose medicine

10 May

If you are interested in medicine then this session is for you. Current undergraduate medicine students from UNSW discuss their university experience. Topics covered include:

● how they decided on the course they are studying

● what they found easy about the process of applying and enrolling, and what they found hard

● what they thought uni would be like

● the best thing about being at uni

● their hopes and dreams for when they finish.

UAC Digital / Let's Chat - Applying for the Educational Access Scheme

24 May

The Educational Access Scheme (EAS) is for students who have experienced disadvantage(s) in Years 11 or 12. EAS may help with entrance into university. We'll give you an overview of EAS and discuss:

● categories of disadvantage

● how to apply

● application documentation

● EAS key dates

● application tips.

And we'll give answers to frequently asked questions!

University - Institutes

Western Sydney University - Unlocking Careers In Sport and Health

19 May

This on campus event for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students grades 9-12 explores the wide variety of careers available in the sport and health fields. Friday 19th May 2023, Western Sydney University Parramatta South Campus.

Are you an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander young person interested in a career in sport or health? Not sure what jobs you can do or where to start? The Unlocking Careers in Sport and Health event exposes you to a wide range of careers through practical workshops and a panel Q&A with Indigenous industry professionals.

Find out about careers like the health and sport psychology to keep athletes match fit, business and marketing teams that keep sport running, and the important role of Indigenous paramedics, health workers, doctors and nurses that keep our mob and communities strong.

University of Sydney is coming to Armidale

8 June

Join us for an information evening to find out all you need to know about the University of Sydney!

Learn about our new Regional and Remote Entry Scheme and MySydney Scheme.

The session will also cover information about courses, admission requirements, entry schemes/pathways, fees, and scholarships, as well as the type of support available on campus. Uni students and alumni from Regional NSW will share stories, tips on moving away from home and advice about their journey to university and beyond.

You’ll also get the chance to speak with staff and students and have all your questions about the University of Sydney answered.

University of Sydney is coming to Nowra

22 June

Join us for an information evening to find out all you need to know about the University of Sydney!

Learn about our new Regional and Remote Entry Scheme and MySydney Scheme.

The session will also cover information about courses, admission requirements, entry schemes/pathways, fees, and scholarships, as well as the type of support available on campus. Uni students and alumni from Regional NSW will share stories, tips on moving away from home and advice about their journey to university and beyond.

You’ll also get the chance to speak with staff and students and have all your questions about the University of Sydney answered.

University of Sydney Year 12 Information Evening

24 and 25 May

Get a feel for our campus, and find out about university entry, scholarships, study options and more at our information evening for Year 12 students and their parents/carers.

This is an ideal opportunity to explore your options and ask any questions you have about the next steps to joining the Sydney community next year.

Discover why we’re ranked 1st in Australia and fourth in the world for graduate employability.

Sydney College of the Arts Portfolio Evening 2023

30 May

Sydney College of the Arts at the University of Sydney invites you to attend our Portfolio evening, to assist you with preparing your portfolio and application to study our three-year Bachelor of Visual Arts and our four-year Bachelor of Visual Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies.

Join us on main campus in Camperdown for a short presentation followed by 1-1 personal feedback session on your current portfolio to discover if there are areas that can be worked on before your final submission. (note- no formal grading will occur on the day, just friendly guidance!).

You're also invited to join a tour of the facilities by current students, where you can ask firsthand what it's like to study at the SCA!

University of Sydney - Interested in studying nutrition or becoming a dietitian?

17 May

Join us to learn more about our Bachelor of Science/Master of Nutrition and Dietetics degree, study pathways and how it will help set you up for success in your career aspirations in the nutrition and dietetics discipline. The nutrition field is constantly evolving with new information emerging daily, which is why our degree incorporates new exciting subjects, including: FMHU2001 Mythbusting food and health and NTDT3002 Evidence-based practice in nutrition. Our course will provide you with the knowledge, tools and professional accreditation to succeed in this fascinating discipline.

University of Sydney - Life of a Veterinarian

31 May

Home to one of the best veterinary schools in Australia, and top 25 in the world*, the University of Sydney leads in veterinary education, animal science and research. Join this session with Dr Katrina Bosward from the Sydney School of Veterinary Science to discover what studying veterinary medicine involves, what an average day for a veterinarian is like and how you can pursue studies towards becoming a vet. *QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022

University of Sydney - Entry schemes and admission pathways Webinar

31 May

There's more than one way to gain entry to your dream degree at the University of Sydney. Our entry schemes and pathways help you make the most of your ATAR by recognising your circumstances, special high school achievements and other abilities and activities. Join us to find out more.

University of Sydney - School of Computer Science High School Fellowship Program

Closes 10 May

This program is a unique opportunity for high school students to experience studying a first-year university subject, INFO1110: Introduction to Programming.

Run by the School of Computer Science in the Faculty of Engineering, this subject focuses on the foundational principles of coding and software development process, including skills of testing and debugging.

It's a prerequisite for more advanced programming languages, systems programming, computer security and high-performance computing.

Participants can also connect with the industry sponsors via the program.

University of Sydney New dentistry entry pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

The Faculty of Medicine and Health has introduced an entry pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who aspire to become dentists. This new pathway starts with a TAFE Certificate III in Dental Assistance, which provides the foundation for admission to the Bachelor of Oral Health (BOH) at the University of Sydney. After completing the BOH, students can apply for entry into the Doctor of Dental Medicine program that leads to becoming a qualified dentist.

UTS Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering

15 May

Electrical and electronic engineers combine a range of communication and electrical energy technologies to underpin the ongoing transformation of how humans commute, stay connected, and consume energy.

In this webinar, you will hear from key academics and current students about what it's like to study engineering at UTS and how best to prepare. There will also be Q&A sessions where you can have your questions answered live.

UTS Introduction to Software Engineering

18 May

Gain an insight into what engineering is all about and find out if it's right for you. Hear from key academics about what it's like to study engineering at UTS and how best to prepare. There will also be Q&A sessions where you can have your questions answered live.

UTS Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering Webinar

22 May

The School of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering powers knowledge and innovation through the research and development of new engineering solutions to meet the needs of tomorrow’s society and industry.

Mechanical and mechatronic engineers design and synthesise mechanical systems with modern electronic control and computing. They play an important role in advancing products and techniques for machine-based human activities, such as robots, nanomachines for medical testing and operation, and engine electronic control.

In this webinar, you will hear from key academics and current students about what it's like to study engineering at UTS and how best to prepare. There will also be Q&A sessions where you can have your questions answered live.

UTS Introduction to Bachelor of Information Systems

16 May

The Bachelor of Information Systems (BIS) is an undergraduate coursework offering aimed at meeting emerging demands for a new generation of technology professionals ready to deal with the challenges of complex systems.

Students study complex systems such as enterprises, their services for different stakeholders (customers/patients/citizens/other organisations and stakeholders), and their internal processes conducted by people using data, information, and IT-enabled services.

In this webinar, you will hear from key academics and current students about what it's like to study Information Technology at UTS and how best to prepare. There will also be Q&A sessions where you can have your questions answered live.

UTS Introduction to Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence

17 May

The Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence is designed to meet the need for specialised industry professionals to help organisations and society build autonomous solutions for a variety of applications, such as self-driving cars, facial recognition, personalised learning or voice assistants. There is a strong industry demand for artificial intelligence professionals with sound technical capabilities and a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this rapidly evolving field.

In this webinar, you will hear from key academics and current students about what it's like to study Information Technology at UTS and how best to prepare. There will also be Q&A sessions where you can have your questions answered live.

UTS Women in Engineering and IT Scholarships

23 May

UTS Women in Engineering and IT Cooperative Scholarship is a four-year program that aims to attract, retain, develop and celebrate talented women in Engineering and IT.

In this webinar, you will hear from key academics and current students about what it's like to study engineering and IT at UTS and how best to prepare. There will also be Q&A sessions where you can have your questions answered live.

ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science Female Excellence Scholarships

Closes 15 May

This scholarship is offered by the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science.

The scholarship is valued at $5,000 per annum for 2 years, with payments made after census date each semester.

Recipients will receive mentoring and career development support from College staff members and receive priority access to industry engagement opportunities.

University of Canberra Bachelor of Primary Education Entry Questionnaire

The four-year Bachelor of Primary Education is a rigorous course which will prepare you to teach national literacy and numeracy at a primary school level, from Kindergarten to Year 6. You’ll develop a sound understanding of the educational theories and teaching skills required in today’s classrooms, largely by regularly observing them in a primary school environment and putting your academic learnings into practice during one of the many teaching placement opportunities you’ll undertake.

All applicants will be required to complete a written statement in response to questions designed to assess their suitability for the teaching profession. Applicants' responses to these questions must be deemed satisfactory for them to be admitted to this course. You can find the questions in the 'resources' section of the online application portal when you are applying. You can upload your responses in PDF format as part of your application.

University of Newcastle HSC Support Webinar - Taking Action Towards Your Career

17 May

The taking action towards your career session is specifically designed to provide you with invaluable insights on how to set yourself up for success in your future academic and professional pursuits. The webinar will also feature a University of Newcastle Student Ambassador who will share details about the University’s new Early Entry Program.

University of Newcastle Mid-Year Info Session

1 June

If you have questions about studying an undergraduate with us from Semester 2, 2023, we're here to help!

We're hosting an online webinar and invite you to join us.

If you've recently had a gap year, completed TAFE or similar or have been working and are looking to retrain or make a career change, this webinar provides you with a number of opportunities to learn more about studying at the University of Newcastle.

Notre Dame Young Achievers Early Offer Information Session

17 May

Find out everything you need to know about the program, including selection criteria, the application process, important dates, benefits and more.

You’ll also hear from current students about how receiving an Early Offer helped them finish Year 12 with added confidence, and have the opportunity to chat 1:1 with academics about your undergraduate study options for 2023.

Griffith University GUESTS Program

26 June for applications for Trimester 2

16 October for applications for Trimester 3

Our Griffith University Early Start to Tertiary Studies (GUESTS) program is designed to give you the opportunity to study a course (subject) at Griffith while completing your high school studies. With the tuition fee covered by the University, the program lets you sample university life at Griffith, learn from industry leaders and stretch your academic boundaries. If you are a motivated student who is looking to challenge yourself, consider applying for a GUESTS On-Campus or Online course.

You can study one course per trimester (maximum of two courses or 20 credit points in total). There are four available intakes and students can apply to undertake GUESTS from Semester 2 of year 11.

With over 60 courses to choose from, eligible students can complete up to two courses while at school and can commence from Semester 2 of Year 11.We encourage you to apply early to ensure you can pick the classes that most suit your high school timetable.

Applications may still be considered after the closing date if places are still available in the study area of your choice. Please contact Admissions to discuss course availability prior to submitting your application. However, no applications will be considered once the trimester has commenced.

CQUniversity’s Principal’s Recommendation Scheme Alternate Entry Pathway

Applications close 1 December

At CQUniversity, we believe senior schooling results are an important factor leading to student success. We also recognise that other factors and attributes such as motivation, talent, and passion have a key role to play as well.

Our Principal’s Recommendation Scheme is an early offer scheme that allows Year 12 students to apply to an undergraduate CQUniversity course based on the recommendation of their high school Principal rather than ATAR. Open to all Year 12 students, the Scheme is designed to assist capable students to access entry to CQUniversity, it in no way provides relaxation of the quality and academic standards that students must meet to successfully complete their degree.

Most of CQUniversity's undergraduate courses are included in the Scheme and there's no need to wait for your Year 12 results to be released or to receive an ATAR to submit your application. So, if you are in Year 12 and thinking of university study, our Principal's Recommendation Scheme allows you to receive an unconditional offer for a CQUniversity course within 48 hours of submitting your application.

UNSW Year 10 Info Evenings: Subject Selection

11 - 23 May

Get advice and information that’s specially tailored for Year 10 students, that will help you navigate the HSC subject selection process, explain how UNSW admissions and scholarship applications work, and give you an insight into transitioning into university life so that you can get a head start on planning your future.

UNSW Aviation Short Courses

3 - 4 October

UNSW Aviation's two-day short course is aimed at Year 9-12 students interested in a career in Aviation. From the technically challenging cockpit with awe-inspiring views to the operational, logistical, safety and commercial challenges of managing airports and airlines, UNSW Aviation is uniquely placed to create graduates ready to take on opportunities and become future leaders in this exciting industry.

Students get a taste of university life and insight into the study of aviation, which will include workshops in scheduling and navigation. They will also learn about the many career pathways aviation offers and guest speakers will add real world perspectives about current affairs in aviation.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided, and students will be able to meet like-minded peers, industry leaders, aviators and academics.

University - General

Reminder - UCAT Dates - Booking Deadline Approaching

UCAT Booking deadline is the 17th May.

Candidates taking the UCAT ANZ in 2023 for entry to universities in Australia and New Zealand in 2024 should note these key dates (deadline times are in AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time):

● Concession application deadline - 10 May 2023

● Access Arrangements application deadline – 17 May 2023

● BOOKING DEADLINE - 17 May 2023

● Late booking deadline - 31 May 2023

● FINAL late booking deadline - 5 June 2023

● Cancellation deadline - 10 June 2023

● Testing begins - 3 July 2023

● Last testing date - 12 August 2023

● Results delivered to universities by early September 2023

UCAT ANZ Test Format

The UCAT is a two-hour computer-based test which assesses a range of abilities identified by universities as important to practicing in the fields of medicine / dentistry / clinical sciences. The test consists of five separately timed subtests which each contain a number of questions in a multiple-choice format.

Once the test has started it cannot be paused but each subtest is preceded by a 1 minute instruction section.

Candidates can apply for Access Arrangements to sit an extended version of the test if they have a documented medical condition or disability.

University of Melbourne sheCommerce

Applications close 21 May

We are looking for 40 Year 9 and 11 students to be selected to participate in our camps. If successful, you’ll have the opportunity to remain in the program through Year 12.

sheCommerce is an immersive and academic enrichment program delivered by the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and Economics. sheCommerce is for Year 9-12 high school students who identify as women or non-binary and are passionate about leadership and pursuing a career where they can impact change. The program allows students to meet like-minded peers, current Bachelor of Commerce students, alumni and inspiring academics who are making a difference in industry and through their research.


Vocational education and training (VET)

VET gives people workplace skills and technical knowledge. It emphasises hands-on experience, and teaches many skills in demand in NSW.

Is a traineeship or apprenticeship right for me?

An apprenticeship or traineeship is one of the best ways to get hands-on training and a nationally recognised qualification while being paid. They’re more than a foot in the door to gain experience - they’re a great way to start your career as they give you the skills employers need. You can even begin your apprenticeship or traineeship while you’re at school. And many of them are fee-free!


As an apprentice, you’ll spend three to four years learning a traditional trade such as building and construction, automotive, cooking, engineering, hairdressing or manufacturing. You’ll graduate as a qualified tradesperson.


As a trainee, you’ll spend one to three years, depending on your industry and qualification, learning a vocation in areas such as agriculture, information technology, hospitality, business, digital media or financial services.

To help you find the right location, course and provider, use these filters to refine these results

Compare the providers available to find the perfect match to how you like to study

TAFE NSW Degrees

We offer a number of degree level courses and higher education options.

• 3D Art & Animation

• Fashion Design

• Interior Design

• Information Technology

• Business and Commerce

• Early Childhood Studies

• Property

• Community Services

With strong industry links to over 25,000 employers, your students will get both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to land a job faster and succeed in their chosen career. For more info visit:

Interested in an Electrical Career? NECA Careers Paths

See where a career in electrotechnology can take you. This electro career map shows you the fantastic opportunities that lie ahead. The sky is the limit!

Automotive Apprenticeships - Apprenticeships R Us

Apprenticeships Are Us is a Group Training Organisation (GTO) that has been supplying quality Automotive Apprentices to the industry for over 15 years. We Specialise in Mechanical Apprenticeships for Light and Heavy Vehicles, Accident Repair trades such as Panel Beating and Spray Painting.

Check out our current vacancies for Light Vehicle, Panel Beating, Spray Painting and Spare Parts Apprenticeships

Campbelltown Jobs Fair

15 June

Jobs Connect presents Job Ready Expo - Apprenticeships

Connecting you with Employers, Teachers and Support Services

This event will provide information about apprenticeships and employment opportunities

Private Colleges

The Hotel School Sydney Open Campus

17 June

Do you want to explore our CBD campus and see what The Hotel School has to offer?

Attend a Masterclass delivered by our Academics to experience life as a student at The Hotel School. Explore your dream career and connect with passionate industry experts!

● Meet faculty team members and the Head of Campus

● Discuss career opportunities with the Work Integrated Learning team

● Find out about our courses and the application process in detail

● Chat with our current student ambassadors

● Enjoy Barista coffee and light refreshments

Becoming a Commercial Pilot – Basair Information Sessions Sydney

Welcome to Basair Aviation College, Australia’s leading flight training organisation

With hundreds of alumni flying for major airlines worldwide, and the third largest fleet in Australia (behind QANTAS and Virgin), our mission is to provide young, eager minds with the technical and non-technical tools required to become expert pilots and rounded professionals.

Our passion is in producing pilots who are life-long learners; determined on improving with every flight and mastering their art. This approach positions students to continue to grow and flourish beyond graduation; preparing them for long and successful pilot careers.

Upcoming Pilot Career Seminars (Bankstown Airport):

● 12 June 7pm

● 10 July 7pm

● 14 August 7pm

Brent Street Winter Camp 2023

3 - 7 July

Don’t hibernate this Winter – unleash your inner fire at our epic Winter Camp, a 5 day dance workshop with Australia’s best choreographers. You’ll leave the workshop feeling inspired and pumped, exposed to a whole new range of styles and teachers, ready to smash your dance goals for Term 3 and beyond!

We welcome students from all studios across Sydney and Australia to enjoy our Winter Camp. It’s so much more than just dance classes; it’s an experience of making friends, a physical challenge and inspiring teachers!

SEDA Open Days

15 May - Glebe Campus Open Day

16 May - Sydney Olympic Park Open Day

At SEDA College NSW, our passion for sports is what connects us. We partner with major sporting clubs and organisations to facilitate sporting industry experiences and opportunities for our students that aren’t available anywhere else. Set yourself up for a successful future through our engaging, active and hands-on HSC program.

Looking at joining us in 2024? Please register below for our first Virtual Information Session for the 2024 intake.

2024 SEDA College NSW Scholarships

Applications Close 22 July

SEDA College NSW Merit Scholarships seek to support outstanding all-rounders by awarding up to 3 partially funded scholarships in 2022. Merit Scholarships provide partial fee relief (currently valued at $4,000 per year) and will be awarded for each of a student’s two years of study at the College (total value $8,000).

Recipients of a SEDA College Merit Scholarship will be exceptional young people who have the potential to make a significant positive contribution to the College and act as an ambassador to the wider community.

Successful applicants don’t need to be straight-A students or elite sportspeople, but will be able to demonstrate their commitment to the College’s core values through a history of sporting involvement, community volunteering and academic accomplishments.

Reminder- JMC Canvas Art Award Closes Soon

Closes 14 May

If you are a high school student with a knack for drawing, painting or using creative digital mediums, we invite you to creatively interpret the below brief into an illustrated scene:

"What the world will look like in 10,000 years’ time and how humans will evolve to adapt?"

Your submission will have a human character situated within their relevant environment.

You must include a “PINK ICED DOUGHNUT” somewhere in your scenes (sprinkles are optional).

JMC Song Writing Competition 2023

Closes 27 August

We invite participants to submit a demo of an original song (that they’ve written individually or as a team) and the lyrics to the song in written form (i.e. your lyrics written out in a word document).

JMC Academy is proud to announce the 2023 songwriting competition for students across New South Wales, ACT, Victoria and Queensland in years 9-12. The aim of the competition is to highlight the talent of high-school songwriters from across the country and to showcase the creativity of young people.

The demo can simply be recorded on your phone (we just want to hear the song performed!) and only include the vocals however instrumental accompaniment is encouraged. You’re welcome to record the demo in other ways too if you have the means.

Reminder - JMC Mocktail Film Award Closes Soon

Closes 14 May

We invite high school students to submit their short film and go into the running to win awesome prizes!

Each year JMC Academy holds an exciting film and animation event; The Martini Film Awards. This event screens the best of JMC Academy's student and recent alumni work and includes a category known as the Mocktail Award. This is where High School students are also invited to submit their best short fiction, short documentary, short animation, television commercial or music video clip, to be reviewed by industry professionals. Shortlisted films will be shown and the winner will be announced at the prestigious Martini Film Awards to be held in Melbourne and Brisbane.


NSW Fire & Rescue Fire Station Open Day

13 May

Come behind the scenes of Australia’s busiest fire and rescue service at our Open Day.

From fires, chemical spills, car crashes, natural disasters and humanitarian relief across the state, the country and even overseas - our firefighters are prepared for anything!

Open Day is your chance to meet a firefighter, see our trucks in action, check out our equipment and find out more about what we do. We’ll be on scene to answer your questions, show you around and help you prepare your home for a safe winter. We can’t wait to see you and show you what we have been up to.

Taronga Zoo Podcast Talks

The deep connections our staff develop with wildlife and the natural world affects the lives of others, near and far. From Sydney to Dubbo, Taronga’s people all have amazing untold Zoo stories that will touch your heart and open your eyes.

Advice for students choosing HSC courses

Your aim is to attain the best HSC result you can. So, you should choose courses that you are good at, interested in and may use in the future. When considering which courses to study, explore the content of a course. For example, what are the course outcomes? Will you be required to submit a major work, or perform, as part of your exams? Talk with your teachers about your strengths and weaknesses, as well as individual course requirements, before making your selections.

The 2023 John Curro National Youth Concerto Competition (JCNYCC)

Entries close 30 June

The JCNYCC is recognised as the most prestigious competition in Australia for string soloists aged up to 18 years. It was established by Queensland Youth Orchestras in 1976 to encourage the development of young Australian string players.

For the first round of the competition, each applicant records and submits audio files of audition works to be judged by a panel of professional musicians. Up to three finalists and four recitalists are then invited to Brisbane to take part in the JCNYCC Finals Week from 30 September to 8 October 2023.

The finalists compete for the first prize with their chosen concerto (preferably performed from memory) in the public JCNYCC Finals Concert titled ‘String Sensations’. This concert takes place at the Old Museum Concert Hall, Brisbane on Sunday 8 October 2023 where finalists perform their concerto with the Queensland Youth Symphony (QYS).

All finalists must perform a minimum of one public recital in addition to their solo concerto performance. The recitals are not an eliminating round and will not be judged, but failure to give a recital will disqualify a finalist from the Finals Concert.

National History Challenge

Get your entries in by 25 August

The National History Challenge is a free research-based competition for Australian students. It gives students a chance to be historians, researching world history, examining Australia’s past, investigating their community or exploring their own roots. It emphasises and rewards quality research, the use of community resources and effective presentation.

What can you do with a physics degree?

Sold on a Bachelor of Science, but not sure what to major in? Here are four cool and unexpected jobs a Bachelor of Science (Physics) could lead to.

If you’re thinking about enrolling in a Bachelor of Science, there are loads of reasons why majoring in physics is a good idea. And despite the maths-meets-science elective often overlooked for those with clearer post-grad pathways, there are loads of industries crying out for a physics major’s advanced maths, analytics, problem-solving and computational skills.

Paid Gap Year in New Zealand

Experience all the thrills and adventures of a New Zealand Gap Year with a paid position in a leading school.

With bustling cities, stunning scenery and endless adventures, it’s no surprise New Zealand is a popular gap year destination. Filled with mountains, lakes and glaciers, New Zealand has everything to offer. Whether you want to spend your time bungee jumping over the Waikato River, exploring the Māori culture with a trip up Mount Hikurangi or relaxing on the 15,000 kilometres of coastline, New Zealand has it all.

Our New Zealand gap year programmes are designed for individuals between 18 and 25 years old who want to explore the Middle Earth. It’s the perfect opportunity to take an organised adventure after graduating from high school or before entering the workforce.

Explore space with out-of-this-world STEM careers

If you feel space exploration (or building epic rockets!) is in your future, start skilling up in STEM right away and getting across all the cool careers you could get into. Below, we’ve rounded up five incredible STEM pros, all who have (moon)walked different paths to build an exciting career in space.

HSC and Careers Expo 2023

1, 3 and 3 June

● HSC subjects including English and Maths

● Subject selection advice for Year 10 students

● Tertiary courses

● Careers

● Employment opportunities

● Study advice

● Gap year options

Western Sydney Careers Expo

22, 23 and 24 June

The Western Sydney Careers Expo 2023 Seminar Program*. Seminars on topics including:

● HSC subjects including English and Maths

● Subject selection advice for Year 10 students

● Tertiary courses

● Careers

● Employment opportunities

● Study advice

● Gap year options