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Careers Adviser: Julie Koranyi

16 September 2021


The University of Sydney Parent Information Session

Sep 28, 2021 05:00 PM

Join us to receive information on the recent changes to the 2021 HSC and applying to the University of Sydney for 2022. Learn how the new UAC dates may impact applications and preferences, when students will receive an offer, and what admission pathway and entry schemes are still open. We’ll also hear from a parent and a student who sat the HSC in 2020 and can provide advice on how to manage study and exams during COVID, based on their own experiences.

The University of Sydney Yr 12 Student Information Session

Sep 29, 2021 12:00 PM

Join us to receive information on the recent changes to the 2021 HSC and applying to the University of Sydney for 2022. Learn how the new UAC dates may impact your application and preferences, when you will receive your offer, and what admission pathway and entry schemes are still open. We’ll also hear from a student who sat the HSC in 2020 and can provide advice on how to manage study and exams during COVID, based on their own experiences.

The University of Sydney Why you should study History, Society and Culture

Oct 6, 2021 04:00 PM 

If you are fascinated with the study of history, society and culture, it’s great to know where study in these fields can lead you! Did you know that humanities degrees are the most common degrees among directors of Australia's 100 biggest public companies? The critical skills you develop while studying can lead to a wide range of exciting career opportunities. Join us for this online session to discover why you should study a humanities degree!

The University of Sydney Double Degree Medicine and Dentistry Program

Oct 20, 2021 04:00 PM

Assessment Day is an important part of the application process into the Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Medicine and Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dentistry. Join us for this webinar to learn about the invitation process, how attendance takes place and what you can expect to happen on the day and receiving your post-assessment results. Though the specific assessment itself changes for each intake, this webinar will outline the general format of the day to help you feel prepared. Also hear from current students who have undertaken the process themselves

 The University of Sydney Pathways to Medicine and Health for Indigenous Students

Oct 27, 2021 04:00 PM

Join us at this webinar to learn about our facilitated pathways into the Doctor of Medicine including into the new Dubbo stream starting in 2022. We also have facilitated pathways into the Doctor of Dental Medicine and the Bachelor of Oral Health and you can apply to any  of our medicine and health degrees through the University of Sydney Gadigal program. Learn about the Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Health Promotion which admits around 70 Indigenous students each year, and our range of Faculty scholarships that provide financial assistance and accommodation available in nursing, oral health, medicine and dentistry.


Reminder - The University of Sydney - Sydney Scholar Awards

Closes 30 September 

$6000 scholarship that supports outstanding Year 12 students to undertake an undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney.

University of Sydney Adam Scott Foundation Scholarship

Closes 5 October

Are you experiencing hardship or disadvantage to commence undergraduate studies.

This scholarship is valued at up to $50,000 per year, tenable for the duration of your degree for up to four years. This value includes:

$10,000 per year towards living expenses

up to $15,000 towards tuition fees

up to $25,000 towards accommodation costs for students in University-owned accommodation.


Coming up - Pathways to Sydney Law School University of Sydney

22 September 2021. 4pm

Are you interested in studying law at Sydney? Join our webinar to learn the different pathways to our law degrees and what opportunities our degrees can offer you. We’ll also hear from some of our current students and ask why they decided to study law at Sydney. They’ll also share their experience of what it is like studying at Sydney Law School and the opportunities they’re most looking forward to taking advantage of.

E12 1-on-1 Consultations for 15 minutes guidance – University of Sydney

Sessions available now until Friday 17th September 2021

Do you need help with your E12 Early Offer and Scholarship application? Book in a 15-minute, private consultation on Zoom to get all the help you need, whether it be understanding the application process, advice for your E12 statement questions, or understanding eligibility.

Book here:

Covid Update - Design Computing and Architecture Pathways – University of Sydney

to 26 September 2021

If you're within 5 points of the ATAR, you can creatively gain entry using the portfolio pathways for our Design Computing or Architecture degrees. Round 1 from 1 Sept to 26 Sep, Results on 1 Oct. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on HSC Exams and the release of ATARs, we are currently reviewing the portfolio submission dates for 2022 admission. Once additional dates have been confirmed, students will be advised

The portfolio submission is a potential way for you to gain entry into our programs if you achieved close to the required ATAR (or equivalent). In conjunction with the HSC and other formal assessment systems, it assists the University to identify students with the potential to excel in architecture or design computing.

If you are expecting to receive an ATAR of up to five points lower than or roughly around the ATAR for your preferred course, we encourage you to apply by submitting a portfolio.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on HSC Exams and the release of ATARs, we are currently reviewing the portfolio submission dates for 2022 admission. Once additional dates have been confirmed, students will be advised. Please check this page regularly for any changes and updates.


CQ Start Uni Now SUN

Applications for our Term 3 2020 intake are now open until Friday, 16 October 2020.

CQ are pleased to announce that Start Uni Now (SUN) applications have now transitioned online. The online application process will make for a more consistent, streamlined and efficient process for your school and students.
For more about the application process, please visit our How to Apply page which includes information on:

·  Steps for students to complete before applying

·  What students need to apply (including their Learner Unique Identifier)

·  SUN guidelines

·  Access to the Apply Now Portal

School and parent authorisation will still remain a vital component of the online application process, with an Authorisation Form to be complete and uploaded to the portal.
Term 1 2021 SUN applications will open closer to the end of this year – keep an eye out for communication regarding the date.


CQUni Term 1 2022 applications are now open! If you're interested in studying either the Bachelor of Medical Sonography/Graduate Diploma of Medical Sonography or the Bachelor of Echocardiography and Cardiac Physiology/Graduate Diploma of Echocardiography at the Sydney Campus, your UAC applications close on Monday, 15 November 2021. Find out more on how to apply by visiting :


ACU Tips for Early Application

ACU understands that students may find online studying quite challenging. One of our ACU psychologists has given us some quick tips to help manage stress. 
Tip #1: Figure out what time management skills are best suited for you – Look into downloading an organisational app, to-do list or perhaps you prefer to plan your schedule using the classic pen and paper method. A schedule will help you manage your commitments and take the pressure off. Don’t forget to include breaks and fun activities too. 
Tip #2: Fill up on stress-fighting foods – It is convenient to reach out for a bag of chips or order a pizza to combat those late nights, however these foods do not burn your stress off. Try snacking on berries, which are rich in vitamin C and have been proven to help fight stress or cashews, which are rich in zinc and linked to lower levels of anxiety and depression. A calming tea such as chamomile may also help improve your sleep and calm those nerves. 
Tip #3: Master mindfulness – Constant stress and a mind that does not switch off can interrupt your sleep and hinder your ability to relax. Take time to refresh your mind. This could be a few minutes or half an hour depending on what you have time for. Mindfulness apps like Headspace and Calm can provide you with mindfulness exercises.

New Diploma Pathways Webinar -ACU

30 September 3pm

A big future starts with a small step. Join Anna Menicucci, National Manager, Diploma Programs at ACU and learn about our five new diploma programs launching in February 2022.

Designing your Business - ACU

6 October. 4pm

This workshop will teach you how to design and test a business model that will work in the real world.

Once you’re clear on how you want to make a difference and what you plan to offer, you need to make sure there’s a business model that can underpin that approach. It’s not enough that you know the world needs it; to be a social enterprise, a customer must be willing to pay for it. This workshop will teach you how to design and test a business model that will work in the real world.

SciX@UNSW Science Extension Program

SciX2022 applications open 11th October. 2021

The centrepiece of the SciX experience is a one-week intensive summer school. SciX2022 will take place on 17th - 21st January. 

Are you a senior high school student interested in trying your hand at your own scientific research project? Whether you are looking for a Science Extension research project and mentor or just interested in getting started in science research now, we invite you to take part in SciX@UNSW, taking part annually in January. 

SciX@UNSW supports Science Extension students and other keen high school students to complete their research projects by providing them with access to UNSW Science’s world-leading researchers, research tools and facilities. Students are placed in small groups focused on a particular research area and technique. Each group’s UNSW Science mentors, current PhD students and practicing researchers, will introduce students to research and tools at the frontier of scientific knowledge, supporting students in developing their individual hypothesis and carrying out their independent research project. 

If you would like to be emailed about applications opening in SciX2022, please sign up to our mailing list here. Project information for 2022 will be released over September.

UNSW - Living Greatly in the Law: Law and Progressive Social Change 
12 October. 6.30pm

Hear from international human rights lawyer Jennifer Robinson for the 2021 Hal Wootten Lecture. Sharing examples from her own practice she will reflect on the role of law in protecting human rights, addressing the climate crisis and contributing to progressive social change.

UNSW – On Creativity

7 October 2021. 6.30pm

How can we nurture innovation and creativity to rise to the challenges of the 21st century, and allow space for creative thinking? Hear from visionary artists, authors and filmmakers on how they use creative problem solving to meet challenges in their life and work. 

Internationally renowned author and Professor of Education Policy at UNSW Sydney, Pasi Sahlberg’s work looks at the importance of play in learning. 

Emmy award-winning Australian filmmaker Lynette Wallworth works on the cutting-edge of media technology. In 2016, Wallworth was named one of Foreign Policy magazine’s 100 Leading Global Thinkers.

UTS Galuwa Yrs 10, 11 & 12

Our Galuwa online program will run the week of October 11th -15th 2021. Registrations will open soon.

Galuwa means ‘to climb’ in Gadigal language and that’s exactly what we want Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students to do at UTS. The Galuwa Experience is a fantastic chance for young Indigenous high school students to discover the opportunities a degree at UTS can provide. 

The program is designed for high school students in years 10, 11 and 12 and introduces them to the undergraduate programs at UTS. The Galuwa Indigenous outreach program has been running for more than four years and has been a great success in building aspirations towards university study.  This program is designed to help high-school students understand what university education is like, and give them ideas for possible courses they could consider studying after high school. We also offer information about pathways into university, scholarships and support here at Jumbunna.

Register here:

UTS Undergraduate – Boost Your Application

27 September. 12.00 to 1pm

UTS has a range of schemes that exist to help you increase your chances to study at UTS. In partnership with ATAR Notes, join us at our webinar to hear about our admission schemes, pathways and scholarships.

UTS is a public university of technology and Australia’s #1 ranked university under 50 years old.* We offer over 180 undergraduate courses that span disciplines such as architecture, built environment, business, communication, design, education, engineering, information technology, international studies, law, midwifery, nursing, and science.

Macquarie Leaders and Achievers has reopened but closing soon
Given the current situation in NSW, we have reopened this scheme for Year 12 students.

Applications now close on Sunday 19 September. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the educational environment at schools and at universities over the last two years. Recent NSW Government announcements regarding delaying HSC written exams to 9 November has had significant impact on these students.  At Macquarie University, we recognise the anxiety and uncertainty many Year 12 students face due to the current situation. We understand there is some concern around university offers and planning for tertiary and HSC studies, as well as planning for attending university. We have always considered students to be more than their ATAR. That’s why we have multiple entry pathways to a degree. 

Students can also still apply for early entry to Macquarie through the Schools Recommendation Scheme which also closes on Sunday 19 September. 
More information about Macquarie Early Entry

The Future Students Contact Centre is open 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday to help with any enquiries students, teachers or parents may have. 

Ph: (02) 9850 6767 or

Year 12 Personal Consultations are available via zoom from 3.30pm – 7pm, Tuesday to Thursday. Book a consultation here.


Creative X – University of Newcastle

5 to 7 November

Festival X is the School Of Creative Industries graduating student experience, delivered virtually on 5-7 November 2021. Immerse yourself in the talent of the University of Newcastle's students from Visual Communication Design, Music, Communication, Natural History Illustration and Creative Industries as they exhibit their final work and make their mark on 2021. Check out last year's Festival X and stay tuned for more information. Walk through the virtual gallery, watch live performances, short films, animation, documentaries.

Q&A Southern Cross University

12 October

Join us at our next online Q & A Webinar, Tuesday 12 October to have all your questions answered. Find out why Southern Cross consistently ranks 5-stars for student support*, get information on pathways to university, credit for prior learning, studying part-time and more.

Southern Cross University offers a large range of courses in business and enterprise, creative arts, education, engineering, health, humanities, Indigenous knowledge, IT, law, science, social work and community welfare.


How to Raise Capital for your Spin Out Great Business Idea - University of Canberra

15 October. 2021. 12.00

Forming a company and spinning it out is a daunting step, and to succeed you are going to need money. 

This webinar will examine the various sources of potential capital: family and friends; crowdsourcing; angel investors and Venture Capital. The webinar will also touch on pitching your spin-out, ensuring you are realistic in your 'ask', and what you should be prepared to 'give away'.

ANU International Student Week

11 through to 15 October

Find out what Australia's #1 university has to offer you. Explore our programs. Meet our students. Discover your future.

The Secrets of Black Holes - ANU

18 September 2021. 2pm

Black holes are a thing of mystery, with some fascinating history.

Why do Black Holes exist?

What happens as you reach them?

And what might happen inside of a Black Hole?

Join us for a journey to and into the secret life of Black Holes with Dr. Ryan.

Music Computing Workshop - ANU

24 Sep 2021. 10am 20 Sep – 2.30pm

Learn the fundamentals of programming through music, so you can build anything in the age of technology.

Thinking about dipping your toes into programming? Start here! In our free Music Computing Workshop you’ll learn the fundamental concepts of computer programming and how to think like a programmer. This workshop is for computing beginners with a background in music, for example if you’re studying music at school or if you take music lessons as an extracurricular activity.

This September School holidays come along (online) and get a taste of programming – and make your own sounds while you’re at it.

Alumni panel: Careers in social justice, law reform and advocacy - ANU

20 October 2021. 5.30pm to 6.30pm

Presented by ANU Law Reform and Social Justice (LRSJ), this online discussion aims to help students explore and learn more about careers in social justice, law reform and advocacy. Bringing together alumni who currently work in a variety of roles in these fields, you'll be able to learn more about the organisations they work at and how they got there.

Discover Western: The Western Experience

Thursday 18 November. 4pm
Audience: Year 12 2021 students, parents and teachers of Year 12 students

Life at Western - We all need a little help sometimes.  Access to the right support while at University is essential to completing your degree. Creating a network of friends and staff will help you to enjoy your life at university and after.  It's not only about getting a degree, its the experience and people you meet along the way! Hear from current students and discover why over 47,500 students choose to study at Western



Unlocking your Careers in Sport – Western Sydney University

2 December 2021. 9.30am to 1.30pm

Do you love sport and would you like to work in the sport industry?  Not sure what jobs you can do or how to start?  Join us for this free online event on Thursday 2nd December, where Western Sydney University staff, students and industry professionals will take you through all the different paths to a career in sports! Find out about the wide range of health and sport psychology professionals that keep the athletes match fit, the law and business teams that keep everything running, and the sport analytics and science specialists that work with the athletes and sporting organisations behind the scenes.

Tour Dates Western Sydney University

18 to 29 November 2021

We are excited to be holding Campus Tours again in November and registrations for these tours are now open. Please note that we will not be conducting campus tours on Nirimba and Bankstown campuses in 2021.

Come and explore all Western Sydney University has to offer. Prospective students, their family and the general public can take one of our guided Campus Tours and see what life at Western is really like.

You’ll take a tour of our lecture theatres and teaching spaces, stroll through our campus libraries, and visit some of our world-class facilities where students gain hands-on, practical experience. You will speak to Academic staff, current and past students while having the opportunity to learn more about the various degrees on offer, course selection, living on campus and university life

University of Wollongong Accommodation Guarantee

Applications must be received by 14 November 2021 to secure a guaranteed place for 2022.

Securing your accommodation for next year will give you one less thing to worry about as you prepare to start your studies at UOW.

It's a big relief when you lock your accommodation in early! We're proud to be one of the few Australian universities to offer new students a guaranteed place in our accommodation.

Whether you want to make a bunch of new friends or prefer quiet solitude, we have a wide range of living options to suit your needs, including single rooms, twin share units, and studios. 

Our residences are located either on-campus, near the beach or in the Wollongong CBD.  You can also choose to live in a catered or non-catered room. There is room to suit everyone's needs


UOW – Early Admission Relocating Scholarship

Apply for UOW accommodation before 14 November 2021, and pay the $28 application fee.

Value: $5,000
Duration: One (1) year
Number of scholarships: 24
Level of enrolment: First year in 2022
Year of bursary: 2022

If you receive a UOW Early Admission offer for 2022 and completed your final studies (HSC, IB or equivalent) at a high school in rural or regional Australia, you will automatically be considered for a $5,000 rent discount for your first year in a UOW residence. There is no separate application to complete. As long as you meet these criteria and apply for your UOW accommodation by 14 November 2021, you are eligible to be considered for one of 24 scholarships. It's as easy as that.


Charles Sturt University - Diploma of General Studies

The Diploma of General Studies from Charles Sturt University is an admission pathway program offering you guaranteed entry to most of our bachelor's degrees. It could be your perfect first step to bringing to life a broad range of career choices and opportunities.

Our Diploma of General Studies is an admission pathway into undergraduate education, creative industries, computer science and information technology courses. If you're looking for an admission pathway into other undergraduate degrees, consider the Charles Sturt University Pathway.


TAFE NSW Visual Merchandising

Do you have a creative flair? TAFE NSW Ultimo offers a Diploma of Visual Merchandising. Students are taught in specialised facilities including a retail shop with 26 windows for students to dress and mannequins to style. Enquire now. Link:  


Torrens University International Students Study and Work in Australia

21 and 22 September 2021. 2pm to 5pm

 Why join Torrens University’s virtual fair? 

Our virtual fair is the perfect opportunity to solve all your doubts about studying in Australia and learn about Torrens University's unique benefits and strengths. In this interactive environment, you can navigate general and faculty-specific booths, chat live with Torrens University staff & participate in the live presentations we prepared for you.

Reminder - The National Institute of Dramatic Art It's free to apply to study at NIDA in 2022! 

Applications close 30 September

Help your talented students discover exciting careers in the performing and creative arts!  Register for free online info sessions with Heads of Courses and find out more about NIDA scholarship opportunities at . Not sure which course is right? Share this fun quiz to discover study options at NIDA:

JMC Short Courses for January 2022

1 January 2022

If you’re the type of person who thinks outside the box and wants to discover your creative side and unlock the possibilities of a career in one of the many growing areas in the Creative Industries, then challenge yourself to take this next step. Take on a 2 to 5 day Short-Course in any of the following areas:
Animation and Game Design, Audio and Sound Production, Film and Television or Music and Songwriting.

ACAP - Psychology, Criminology, Social Work or Counselling

Your ATAR shouldn’t define your opportunities for career success, and at ACAP it doesn’t. Watch one of the recent Discover ACAP information sessions on-demand to find out more about courses you could study in the fields of Psychology, Criminology, Social Work or Counselling. Simply select a recording under ‘Previous Events’:


SEDA College NSW

SEDA College is excited to announce a new partnership in Rugby Union with The Western Sydney 2 Blues!  SEDA offers a unique HSC course for sport motivated students. Kickstart scholarships are now available for students interested in joining the 2 Blues SEDA rugby program in Year 11 2022. Call on 95711304. Details on our website: 

Australian Institute of Music – Music Production, Music Theory 1

9 October to 6 November 2021

This is an introductory course for adults (16 years and over), covering fundamental areas of music theory and harmony. The course is designed for learners with no prior knowledge of music theory, explaining key concepts in a logical, step by step manner. Lessons are delivered online, live via Zoom, so a computer with audio, camera and good internet connection is required. Classes are recorded and will be available for all participants.


Australian Institute of Music – The Basics of Audio Production

9 October to 6 November 2021

This exciting new course is designed for developing producers and composers (16 years and over) to help to energise their musical works using technology and creativity. The course focuses on 5 key areas of production: Creating your sonic identity, practical sound design, creative environments, thinking outside the box and mastering cohesion.

The course is delivered online, live via Zoom, so a computer with audio, camera and good internet connection is required. Classes are recorded and will be available for all participants.

Australian Institute of Music – Composing for Songwriters

9 October to 6 November 2021

Composing for Songwriters is a 5-week program for adults (16 years and over), introducing participants to the fundamentals of composition including: rhythmic patterns, common and useful chord progressions, melody writing and song analysis. Music theory is explored in context.

The course is delivered online, live via Zoom, so a computer with audio, camera and good internet connection is required. Classes are recorded and will be available for all participants.


Bedford College

We are now delivering new Early Childhood and Business courses. Face to Face as well as flexible online study options available. Get qualified and get ahead with Bedford College. Download our course guide and enrol today


Sydney Actors School

Sydney Actors School has partnered with TDP and, in consultation with Peter Cousens and Darren Mapes, has created Australia's newest Diploma of Musical Theatre for the entrepreneurial creative artist! If you are a musical theatre performer, singer songwriter or contemporary vocalist who wishes to become an entrepreneurial creative artist – this is the course for you!! Applications are open :

Endeavour – Natural Health Open House

9 October 2021. 10am to 12.00

Mark your calendars! We are opening our campus doors for Open House on Saturday 9 October. This event will be focusing on our Naturopathy and Nutrition course offerings. Why not see what student life with Endeavour College looks like? Tour the facilities, learn about student life, and chat to our team of academics and admissions advisers on the day. Open House is a unique opportunity to see your local campus first-hand and chat one-on-one with experts before you take the plunge and enrol.

Endeavour – The Future of Wellness. Enrolling Advice

24 September. 10.30am to 11.30am

Thinking about turning your passion into your purpose with a career in natural health?

Our interactive webinars are a perfect way to find out more about our courses, the enrolment process as well as what it’s actually like to study at Endeavour College of Natural Health. In this webinar, our Director of Sales and Admissions, Katrina Arch, will share with you all you need to know about enrolling and studying at Endeavour.


Endeavour – Transitioning to Higher Education

30 September. 3pm to 4pm

If you’re a high school student who is interested in a future in natural health, this webinar is for you. We’ll cover everything you need to know about our courses, enrolling, fees as well as student life to equip you with the knowledge to smoothly transition into higher education.


Need help applying for Scholarships? Try our Scholarship Builder
The Scholarship Builder provides a step-by-step guide on how to craft application responses. For some inspiration, students can also learn about the stories from some of our current university students.

Careers with STEM: Cybersecurity Webinar

3 November 2021. 12.00 to 1pm

The skill sets you need in cyber security include creativity, cutting-edge thinking and being a natural problem-solver.

Get the inside word from three real-life cyber professionals who will share their career journey and let you in on all you need to know about carving out a career in cybersecurity.

You'll learn that there are many different skills that are needed and valued when you work in technology. There’s a hugely diverse career base in cyber security. It’s a creative industry with so many opportunities!

Do You Dream of Working for Google, Amazon, Apple or Launching Your Own Tech-Startup?

25 September. 10am to 11am

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, otherwise known as STEM, is an emerging field with an abundance of opportunities for study in the US and UK.

PwC forecasts that nearly 44% of current Australian jobs are at high risk of being digitally disrupted. Not only that, STEM graduates are in high demand globally, and they can expect to earn the highest graduate salaries of any profession!

Don’t miss this exclusive webinar to learn everything you need to know about planning ahead for this digital disruption, and how you can gain a lucrative degree from a world-leading institution, like MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Cambridge, or Oxford!


Behind the Scenes at the Australian Museum – Palaeontology

Online 20 minute virtual tour

Do you want to be an expert on fossils and dinosaurs and become a junior palaeontologist?

The Australian Museum holds a vast collection of fossils from extinct animals like Marsupial Lions, trilobites and even dinosaurs! Join us behind the scenes to investigate animal adaptations through fossils, view fossils from our collections, meet our experts and find out about scientific technologies used in the most up-to-date research.

Sydney Science Trail extended to 3 October – Australian Museum

Suitable for ages up to Year 12 level

With almost 20,000 visits in just a week of launching, the Sydney Science Trail is the perfect place for you to be during lockdown. And we're thrilled that the Trail will now be extended over the September school holidays, giving young scientists even more opportunity to go exploring.

Featuring on-demand games, videos and online learning activities suitable for all ages, the online trail has something for everyone.

Traverse the trail and be rewarded for what you discover. Complete the science quiz at the end of each level and receive your badge!  See how many you can collect!


Guide your brightest young maths students toward a lifetime of creative problem solving!

Maths Enrichment 2021 runs between April and October

Results are due back 14 October 2021

Cost: A$42.00

Are you excited about guiding your brightest young maths students toward a lifetime of creative problem solving?

Our Maths Enrichment module can help you do just that. 

We’ve designed this module for advanced students in years 4–10 and it’s available for you to run over 12–16 weeks between April and October. This allows for flexibility in your schedule to cater for all students. 

We supply all study materials, and we’ll give you a range of support materials including a director’s handbook, sample letter to parents, teacher guides, marking schemes, and more.   Each student participates in one stage. The stages are in order of difficulty with general year level recommendations: Ramanujan (years 4–5), Newton (years 5–6), Dirichlet (years 6–7), Euler (years 7–8), Gauss (years 8–9), Noether (very able students in years 9–10) and Polya (top 10% year 10). Ramanujan, Newton and Dirichlet have 8 problems, Euler and Gauss have 12 problems, and Noether and Polya have 16 problems. Here’s further detail on each stage.

The Enrichment entry fee for 2021 is $42.00 per student. (Price inclusive of GST for Australian schools).

If you’d like to chat with someone about Maths Enrichment, please call us on 02 6201 5136 or email

Types of Nursing – There’s a lot more options than you could believe!

There are several different levels of nursing. You could choose to become an Enrolled Nurse (EN), a Registered Nurse (RN), a midwife or even a Medication Endorsed Enrolled Nurse (EEN). As per the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia’s provisions, Enrolled Nurses usually work under the direction and authority of a Registered Nurse. While a Registered Nurse can undertake additional responsibilities such as administering medication. Both of these are invaluable contributors to the care of patients. On top of this, there are a number of different specialisations in nursing you can train and work towards. Note: Scroll half way down to find the range of specialisations for nursing.


ATAR Notes Free HSC Revision, Head Start Lectures

27 September - 1 October, 2021

Join thousands of students that tune in to our live-streamed lectures.

Our legendary revision/head start lectures, delivered by elite past students, can give a huge advantage into Term 4.

EY: Ready to Launch – For the Leading Accountants of the Future

5 October. 5pm

This event will give attendees an opportunity to start shaping their future careers – the focus will be on developing a global mindset and how they can start building future skills now. EY and the Future of Work – overview of EY and introduction to the Future of Work. Mindset over skillset – demonstrating the importance of mindset over skillset, how to develop a global mindset, and the importance of diversity within teams Career Conversations – EY professionals will talk about their journey from high school to uni and then to EY. They will provide an overview of the work they do. Students will also have the opportunity to ask questions. Getting future ready – Overview of future EY programs on offer to students and how / when to apply for these.


Spark Festival - Tech and Innovation Festival

13 to 28 October 2021

Spark Festival is the place where you can SPARK your big idea, your business, your career and your networks.

From October 13-28, join thousands of other ambitious Australians looking to learn and connect, to supercharge their creativity and uncover their purpose at Spark.

Virtual Camp Parliament for Girls Australia

Sat Oct 30, 2021 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

Virtual Camp Parliament for Girls Australia is an interactive online class that introduces girls ages 12 to 17 to Australia's parliamentary system of government. Virtual Camp Parliament for Girls begins with a lesson the structure and history of the Australian's government. The lesson goes on to review the eligibility requirements to stand for office and a review of political parties with students for their own parties. Students will learn about the structure of elections and the women that made history serving in government. Each student will stand for office, create a campaign platform, vote in a virtual election, and form a government to pass a bill. Each student will serve as a MP.

Big Day in Parramatta IT

7 October. 10am to 12pm

Are you a student interested in careers in ICT and technology. BiG Day In will let you know all the ins and outs in the world of IT. You will hear from the leaders in the IT field and find out the wide ranging career opportunities that you can aim for.


Big Day in Newcastle IT

Wednesday 13 October 2021, 9:00 am – 2:30 pm

Are you a student interested in careers in ICT and technology. BiG Day In will let you know all the ins and outs in the world of IT. You will hear from the leaders in the IT field and find out the wide ranging career opportunities that you can aim for.

Start Up Stories 1

6 October 2021. 8pm

Self-proclaimed foodie and dog-parent, Amanda Falconer founded Bestie Kitchen to keep her dogs fed healthier, nutritious food which would help them live longer lives. She began her journey in her kitchen with a compounding chemist, trying to create foods using natural nutraceutical supplements. Eventually she created her ‘Health Jellies’, which are research-based, vet-formulated daily health jellies, which support a dog from pup to senior.

Amanda began working with CSIRO under the Kick-Start program to create a product at scale. She’s since been awarded commercialisation funding from the Federal Government's Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) with a total project commitment of $344,850 and $149,925 provided in co-funding. These funds will establish a manufacturing line and finalise the development of the gummy chews, all from their new location in Mayfield West.

Join us for Startup Stories and hear Amanda’s inspiring story and how she’s building Bestie Kitchen to be a well-known, trusted and used brand of therapeutic supplements that's making a real difference in the lives of pets and pet parents in Australia and Asian markets.

Start Up Stories 2

22 October 2021. 8pm

Since 2013 Pegasus have experienced close to 25% year on year growth and is on track for 40% this year. The team raised $28million from Silicon Valley tech investment firm Accel-KKR, and more recently announced their acquisition by US-based firm Avetta, for an undisclosed amount. Adam and his team are poised to accelerate their growth globally and solidify their place in the industry as the leader in worker compliance software.

Join us for this very special follow-up Startup Stories as we dive into the acquisition process with Adam and hear what’s next on their roadmap.

Event is free but registrations essential.