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Ensembles and companies

Northmead CAPA companies and ensembles 2022

Visual arts, dance, drama and music

Please use the link below to register your interest in an ensemble

- You can register for multiple groups
- Ensembles are open for all students 7 - 12
- Registration does not give immediate entry into an ensemble group
- An audition will be required with the class teacher/tutor
- There is cap on the numbers depending on the ensemble




String Quartet 1

  • Time: Lunch 1 and 2
  • Room 81
  • Tutor: Mr Duong

Jazz Ensemble

  • 2.30 -3.30pm
  • Room:P1
  • Tutor: Avigalle Mendoza

Concert Band Rehearsal

  • Time: 2:30pm - 3.30pm
  • Room: HALL
  • Tutor: TSA
Concert Band Sectionals
  • Time: 3.30 - 4.00pm
  • Room: Hall/P1/P2
  • Tutor: TSA


Art company

  • Time: 12.30 - 2.30pm
  • Room: 59
  • Tutor: Miss Penny

Drama company

  • Time: 12.30 - 2.30pm
  • Room: Studio 7 
  • Tutor: Ms Garcia- McCabe

Dance company 

  • Time: 12.30 - 2.30pm
  • Room:P1
  • Tutor: Miss Cullen

Music company 

  • Time:12.30 - 2.30pm
  • Room: 81
  • Tutor: Mr Duong

Circus company

  • Time: 12.30 - 2.30pm
  • Room: School Hall
  • Tutors: Ms Bottrill 

 Circus Ensemble 

  • Time: 2:30pm - 4..00pm
  • Room: School Hall
  • Tutor: Ms Bottrill 

Ballet Ensemble

  • Time: 2.30 - 3.30pm
  • Room P1
  • Tutor: Miss Cullen

String Quartet 2

  • Time: 2.30 - 3.30pm
  • Room 81
  • Tutor Mr Duong



Contemporary Ensemble

  • Time: 2.30 - 3.30pm
  • Room: P1
  • Tutor: Maddyson Bonner
Chamber Music
  • Time: 2.30 - 3.30pm
  • Room: 81
  • Tutor: Mr Duong


Guitar Ensemble

  • Time: Lunch 1 and 2
  • Room 81
  • Tutor: Mr Wilson

Vocal Ensemble

  • Time: 2:30 - 3.45pm
  • Room:81
  • Tutor: Ms Natalie Gooneratne

Hip Hop Ensemble

  • Time: 2.30 - 3.30pm
  • Room: P1
  • Tutor: Brandon Van Oosten

Piano Recital Group

  • Time: 2.30 - 3.30pm
  • Room: Hall
  • Tutor: Mr Madry

Flute Ensemble

  • Time: Lunch 1 and 2
  • Room 83
  • Tutor: Miss Sung

Knowledge, passion, and innovation are just some of the qualities that our dedicated teachers and tutors strive to instill in our students. Along with their considerable talent and experience, each has a unique dynamic that they bring to their classes. Read through their profiles below to find out more about our professional teachers and tutors.

Alese Bottrill

PDHPE Teacher, Aerial Circus Company, Circus Ensemble

Bachelor of Education Personal Development, health and physical education Certificate IV and Certificate III in fitness beginner Gynanstics Coach accreditation accredited Teacher NESA

With a background in gymnastics and acrobatics. Alese showed a keen interest in the aerial circus program in 2018, with many cross over skills used from Gymnastics and Pilates. Alese trained at Sydney Trapeze in 2018 perfecting her own skills on the aerial hoop, trapeze and silks.

Alese also spent time at the beginning of 2019, training at Circus Training Australia in Melbourne completing a certificate in Fundamental circus skills and completing coaching levels in hoop, trapeze and silks. She is looking forward to bringing her coaching skills in gymnastics and new-found passion for aerial circus to Northmead in 2019.


Music Teacher, Chamber Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble

Bachelor of Music (Education) Sydney Conservatorium of Music accreditted Teacher NESA Amusa Pianoforte

Willson began his music career at age 5, starting with the piano and singing in the Australian Youth Choir. From then, Willson has become a proficient performer and has experience performing at Eisteddfods, provided accompaniment to HSC and AMEB students and performed highly at a Conservatoire level.

Willson is trained in Classical, contemporary and jazz music styles and has completed the AMEB grades for piano. Furthering his study, Willson studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where he has performed in the choir, various chamber ensemble and solo recitals at a university level. During his time at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Willson won the Mary Charlton Prize Scholarship for his final year recital.

Willson is a dedicated teacher and member of the performing arts and his passion for the arts and music is heavily apparent in his work. 


Willson Duong

Maddyson Bonner

Dance Teacher, Contemporary Ensemble

Maddyson is working with the Contemporary Ensemble for the second year at Northmead CAPA High School. She choreographed for festivals such as; Celebrating the Arts Festival, Sydney West Dance Festival as well as winning routine for the Ultimate Dance Challenge competition. As a graduate from Northmead, she values education above all else which she carries through her teaching. She choreographed for the award winning and state and national winner Wakakirri piece ‘The Leap’ 2016, as well as the state winning piece ‘The Clash of The Elements’ 2015.

Maddyson has been dancing since the age of 2. She has trained in Jazz, Tap, Hip-hop, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary and Musical Theatre. Maddyson has trained with the Locreado Dance Company from 2012 through to late 2017 whilst having the opportunity to work closely with Loredo Malcolm as her mentor.

Throughout this time, she worked with choreographers such as Jason Winters, Matthew Antonucci, Amy Campbell and Talia Fowler. She has travelled both domestically and internationally with the company, performing in shows in shows in Melbourne, Brisbane, Central Coast and China. She also has had the opportunity to assist Loredo in many classes around the country such as the ‘Winter Dance Camp’ at Sydney Dance Company, masterclasses at dance studios around the country, workshops for the Locreado Dance Company as well as assist in the auditions for his junior in Sydney, Brisbane and Central Coast interstate programs.

Maddyson was recently selected to represent Australia in the World Championships of Performing Arts where she travelled to Long Beach, California in 2016 competing in solo performances and boot camp style masterclasses from American choreographers where she landed herself a 3-month scholarship to the world-renowned Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles. She has worked with choreographers such as Matt Lee, The Squared Division, Cat Santos, Carly Smith, Marko Panzic, Stephen Tannos and Courtney Horton and continues to seek choreographic education through taking classes around Sydney.

Maddyson is currently enrolled in studying Secondary Education at the University of Western Sydney whilst she continues to choreograph at studios throughout Sydney and New South Wales working on solo and duo routines as well as competition group routines and workshops.