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Music Audition information


Advice for MUSIC AUDITION candidates:

  • Prepare a performance of 2 - 3 minutes in length approx time recommended. 2 short pieces is acceptable 

  • Backing tracks should be used where necessary to demonstrate pitch and rhythmic skills.

  • Backing tracks to be bought on either laptop/phone/ipad, USB, and will be played through a sound system

  • Piano candidates auditioning do not require the use of a backing track for accompaniment.

  • Candidates should be dressed in appropriate attire. Current school uniform is acceptable.

  • Please bring your own instrument. Drum kit, piano/keyboard, guitar/bass amplifier will be provided.

  • Live Auditions will be scheduled, parents will be emailed an allocated time slot.

Instrumental Criteria:

  • Performance quality and technical skills including articulation of notes with correct pitch intonation, rhythmical phrasing, dynamic control and expressive techniques displayed

  • Appropriate standard of performance item. Grade 3 - 4 for AMEB is recommended

  • Sight reading skills, including reading notation and chord charts

Vocal Criteria:

  • Demonstrating confidence in delivering repertoire 

  • Vocal strength and technical skill in projection

  • Accuracy in pitch and intonation 

  • Ability to phrase or sing melodies with rhythmic accuracy and timing 

During the LIVE INDIVIDUAL audition, students can expect to:

  1. Introduce themselves discussing the experiences as a solo performer, or member of an ensemble or group.

  2. Discuss their musical interests, favourite musicians and styles of music they enjoy listening to.

  3. Identify challenging aspects of your chosen instrument.

  4. Sight read a short melodic or rhythmic phrase from a piece of given sheet music.

  5. Sight sing short melodic phrases from a piece of given sheet music.

  6. Demonstrate scale warm-up pattern vocal phrases.

  7. Sing a harmony note to a note given on piano within the range of candidate

  8. Reading chord charts, demonstrating understanding of chord progressions and score conventions

  9. Discuss what are you looking forward to, if selected as a student to attend Northmead CAPA High School?

  10. Take opportunity to ask questions about the courses, school and performance opportunities.