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Music Audition information


Instrumental Criteria:

  • Performance quality and technical skills including articulation of notes with correct pitch intonation, rhythmical phrasing, dynamic control and expressive techniques displayed

  • Appropriate standard of performance item. Grade 3 - 4 for AMEB is recommended

  • Sight reading skills, including reading notation and chord charts

Vocal Criteria:

  • Demonstrating confidence in delivering repertoire 

  • Vocal strength and technical skill in projection

  • Accuracy in pitch and intonation 

  • Ability to phrase or sing melodies with rhythmic accuracy and timing 

Advice for MUSIC AUDITION VIDEO submissions:

  • Prepare a performance of 3 - 5 minutes in length in total. You can include 1 - 2 items depending on length.

  • Please state the name of the repertoire piece and composer prior to performing.

  • Live accompaniment or backing tracks should be used where necessary to demonstrate pitch and rhythmic skills. 

  • Piano candidates auditioning do not require the use of a backing track for accompaniment.

  • Ensure the volume of the video is balanced between the performance and accompaniment or backing track. The candidate’s part should be clearly heard.

  • Check the sound quality of the video. The performance should be free of surrounding noise and echo.

  • Candidates should be dressed in appropriate attire. Current school uniform is acceptable.

  • The candidate’s body must be framed within the video throughout the performance. 

  • Instrumental candidates need to show their performance with their instrument clearly visible. Piano performances should be filmed from the right hand side, and include both hands clearly visible.

  • Review the video before submitting your application ensuring that it is suitable for audition.

  • Name your file before attaching to your application submission  e.g John Smith Music Audition 2021

  • Attach the Audition Video self-tape along with other supporting documentation when submitting your application form.


  1. Introduce yourself. Tell us about your experiences as an artist, soloist, or member of an ensemble.

  2. What are your interests in the creative and performing arts for your chosen area? 

  3. What would you consider to be the most challenging aspect of your chosen CAPA area?

  4. What are you most looking forward to, if selected as a student to attend Northmead CAPA High School?