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Library news

You wouldn't recognise us, so come and have a look 

Over the past 18 months the school library has had a significant facelift. We began slowly with new furniture that provided spaces for students to relax. 

These included somewhere for students to sit comfortably to read, talk with friends, plan and prepare group work activities.

At the same time the mezzanine senior student area was brought alive with contemporary and colourful desks and chairs.

These changes have been so warmly welcomed that each term we have continued to make further improvements which have included:

  • benches for students to stand and use laptops alongside readily accessible power points
  • stools for students to sit on
  • printers for students to print assessment tasks (black and white only)
  • curved low shelving for fiction books.

And then there are the books

Late 2016 we subscribed to add eBooks to our collection. This collection continues to grow each year providing students with the opportunity to access something to read anytime, anywhere.

The big change is related to culling hundreds and hundreds of out-dated non-fiction and relocating those that survived in different sections of the library.

And then the biggest change of all is the ongoing move to ‘genrify’ the entire fiction collection. We have chosen the most popular genres that best describe the collection and are in the process of placing a genre sticker on each book – a huge job! In addition we have lots of books on display grouped in the nominated genre. Students seem to like this way of advertising the books we have and it often means they can easily pursue their current reading passions.

The genres we have chosen are:

  • adventure
  • autobiography/biography
  • classic novels
  • culture and diversity
  • fantasy
  • graphic novels
  • historical fiction
  • horror
  • humour
  • Indigenous understanding
  • mystery
  • science fiction
  • short stories
  • teenagers.

The WISE centre is located in the Library and is co-ordinated by Ms Stuut and Ms Georgie Campbell.

The WISE centre supports students to develop literacy and numeracy skills. 


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