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Example of eBooks in use.

Why students love ePlatform for reading eBooks


Smart technology, multiple device options and access to the latest titles are just a few of the reasons why students love ePlatform. And regardless of age or ability – it's also incredibly easy to use.


Students can customise their reading experience, choose eBooks to borrow, make annotations, save bookmarks and return the eBook automatically. eBooks can be read on a library computer, laptop or mobile device.


Students locate your library via the app & authenticate themselves or browse directly on your school's ePlatform.


Patrons click to borrow titles and the eBook is downloaded onto their personal mobile device or PC.


Titles automatically expire after loan period (no late fees!), and can be returned early by most devices.

Download the app

ePlatform has apps available for Apple, Android and Windows 8 devices, to make reading eBooks even easier.

The ePlatform mobile apps are the easiest, fastest and most enjoyable way to access and read eBooks from your library.It's quick, simple and free to install. Within minutes you'll be able to read your library eBooks anywhere, any time, on most devices. The ePlatform app makes it easy to borrow and read eBooks on your iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, Tablet or Windows 8 device – without downloading any additional software. You can even read offline. Just log in once and begin reading; when you exit, your place is automatically bookmarked and you can begin reading again with just one click.

Download the app from your favourite app store now to access your library's eBook collection:

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