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Year 8 Gala Book Day

The English faculty would like to extend an invitation to parents, caregivers and close family of Year 8 students to attend the Year 8 Gala Book Day and see the fantastic work and costumes the Year 8 students have created. 

In English classes, Year 8 have been focusing on picture books and novels. In this unit of work, students are required to participate in the Year 8 Gala Book Day which encourages students to dress-up as the main character from the novel they have studied throughout the term. Students will have the opportunity to present their work in the form of a stall in the school hall and persuade students from other year groups, parents and Northmead Primary School to read their novel.  

As a supplementary learning experience, it is highly recommended that students participate in the exhibition of their work. In order to take part, students must complete 6 of the mandatory activities and have the work checked by their classroom teacher. Students are required to bring all work and display items on the day. All students must wear full school uniform to school and meet in the quad at the beginning of period 1.