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Audition application forms


2022 CAPA auditions

Our next round of auditions for placement for Years  7 - 11 in to our CAPA program, now including Circus for 2022 will be held from Monday 22nd - Friday 26th March 2021.

*As students were unable to sit the NAPLAN because of Covid-19, NAPLAN results do not have to be included in the application for these auditions.

Please register your interest here.

The closing date for Audition Applications is Monday 15th March 2021.

You can find the audition application forms below as well a the dates for specific CAPA areas.

*Please note that these days are a guide only and subject to change depending on total number of applicants. Dates will be confirmed closer to the auditions.


  • Music

  • Drama

  • Circus

  • Visual Arts

  • Dance 


Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Friday 30th April 2021

Thursday 25th and Friday 26th March 2021

Thursday 25th and Friday 26th March 2021

Once all applications are received, the teachers will work out their timetables and you will be notified you of your child's audition day and times.

For those students auditioning for more than one CAPA area, the teachers will work out between them, the best option for their audition times and days and you will be notified in due course.

Years 7-11 2022 CAPA audition applications

Drama monologues

Important, please note: students auditioning for drama need to choose a monologue from the links below to perform at their audition.

Drama monologues - Junior Years

Drama monologues - senior males

Drama monologues - senior females